What Accounting Software Integrates With Salesforce?

What Accounting Software Integrates With Salesforce? | Accounting Smarts
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August 30, 2022

CRM software is essential for nearly every business and integrating your accounting process with Salesforce will improve your overall operations.

CRM software is essential for nearly every business and integrating your accounting process with Salesforce will improve your overall operations.

Because Salesforce is so popularly used, there are many different accounting software integrations. We rank the best overall as FinancialForce because it seamlessly integrates and is built on the Salesforce platform for better usability. It also provides full business accounting support.

Many integrations allow Salesforce and accounting software to communicate and share information effectively. It is beneficial to sync the two together so you can merge vendor and client accounts, create invoices, and collect payments together. You and your team can save time and be more productive by operating with everything integrated.

Our accounting software experts have thoroughly tested nearly every available platform and they understand the exact needs a business has when integrating with Salesforce. The data and research compiled have been included in this guide to help guide others in the direction to find the best accounting software for Salesforce.

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What Accounting Software Integrates With Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM software in the world. It provides a platform for managing customer relationships and scaling your business through improved operations and sales processes.

The accounting software that integrates with Salesforce can be a valuable asset in many business operations. Accounting software that integrates seamlessly with a powerful CRM system makes it easier to share customer data and better manage financials.

Many accounting software companies offer integration with Salesforce to get real-time financial data and provide a full view of customer’s records. Integrating the two types of data helps businesses to get an accurate picture of how their company is doing financially and allows for better analysis of new customers.

Salesforce is the most popular CRM system in the world and has many options when deciding on the best accounting software integration. We consider Wave, Accounting Seed, NetSuite, and FinancialForce to be the best available options to choose from.


FinancialForce is built directly on the Salesforce platform so it is the most seamless and easy-to-use integration among any of the accounting software solutions. It is also a powerful ERP system that works well for all types of businesses.

This is a cloud-based software that offers financial management, reporting, and automation. FinancialForce's automation capabilities, as well as its compatibility with Salesforce, are its key features. They can automate manual tasks within the company and increase employee productivity.

The FinancialForce accounting software is great for both small and medium-sized enterprises since it gives them a balance between cost and functionality. The integration with Salesforce is one of the best things about this product because it means that you can use your preferred CRM system to do your work.

FinancialForce also offers access to tools like subscription management, revenue management, procurement, order management, inventory, and much more. It truly is a universal ERP tool to run your entire business while integrated with Salesforce.


Wave accounting software is a perfect example of cloud accounting software that offers all the functionalities of traditional accounting software with the added benefits of being able to be accessed on any device or operating system.

Wave allows businesses to have access to their financial information from anywhere, at any time without having to worry about data being lost due to a computer crash or network issues.

This platform also provides its users with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for people new to bookkeeping or finance to understand, as well as offering its users more customizable options.

Wave is one of the most affordable online payroll providers, which can help you save money on your taxes by paying your employees correctly and on time.

This accounting software allows you to make your monthly expense reports in a fraction of the time it took before. It also helps you keep track of your income, expenses, and invoices. The app is completely cloud-based so you can manage your account from anywhere.

Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed is one of the most user-friendly accounting software available in today’s market. It offers a wide range of features, including scheduling, invoicing, quotes, payments, and expense tracking among others.

This is top-rated accounting software that is used by accountants, small business owners, and account management teams. The software has many features that are vital for all types of users.

Accounting Seed makes it easier to use cloud technology, which is helpful because the software itself can be accessed anywhere. It also allows for better communication between team members because you can share files with co-workers without having to send emails back and forth.

With Accounting Seed there's no need to store your documents on your computer or worry about losing them. You'll be able to access them from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Accounting Seed also includes an excellent customer support team and plenty of integrations including Salesforce to seamlessly integrate your processes internally.


NetSuite is an enterprise business management software that helps companies to optimize and accelerate their revenue growth. It is a cloud-based application that provides a unified point of access for managers, executives, and employees to enter data and run reports from any device.

By integrating NetSuite with Salesforce, you can maximize the features of both platforms by eliminating tedious tasks and compiling your data into a single location. For example, new customers are directly added right into NetSuite using your Salesforce database.

NetSuite software is a business management suite that helps in managing all aspects of the company. It provides features like general ledger, cash management, and payment management.

With NetSuite, users can allocate funds and create accounts with custom names and descriptions while still maintaining the integrity of their books. You can also tax full advantage of the tax tools to manage both global and local calculations and generate detailed reports.

Why Should I Integrate Accounting Software With Salesforce?

There are many potential use cases for integrating accounting software with Salesforce. For example, some companies utilize Salesforce as their CRM system for managing their sales pipeline while maintaining operations data on an accounting platform.

Integrating accounting software with Salesforce ensures that there is a reliable system in place to ensure that the books are being balanced. The data from both systems will be in sync and can update the information so it is sure to be accurate.

Other companies have found success by using Salesforce to manage customer data while utilizing their accounting software for financial reporting needs. This integration allows them to see the big picture in one place.

There are many benefits of integrating accounting software with Salesforce. One of the biggest benefits is that you can save time on data entry because accounting software will automatically feed the data to Salesforce. This reduces the risk of mistakes and errors.

Accounting software integration with Salesforce also allows you to get real-time insights into your business operations. If you integrate your accounting software with Salesforce, you can gain access to information like revenue, profit margins, accounts receivable, and more.

These insights help evaluate how well your business is performing and see where there are any opportunities for improvement.

Verdict: What’s The Best Accounting Software For Salesforce?

FinancialForce is the best accounting software for Salesforce because it is built on the Salesforce platform so the integration is seamless and offers the most complex features.

FinancialForce is an accounting software that is tailored to the needs of Salesforce. The two are integrated well and have made the work easier for Salesforce users and have given them access to all sorts of reports and analytics data.

This software helps your business stay on top of its reporting - without any human effort, getting up early in the morning or staying late at night.

You will be able to see your data automatically updated once a day or monthly without any manual intervention while, at the same time, complying with all reporting deadlines and obligations.

It is hard to find a better option when integrating an accounting software solution with Salesforce.