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Craig Fry

Craig has spent 25 plus years in the world of accounting and business. His experience includes working as a CPA/Auditor international accounting firms. He has worked as a controller and as a COO for small to medium sized companies.

Craig currently owns and operates his own small business. All of his experience has given him a vast knowledge of both book accounting and practical accounting experience which he has applied in all sizes of business.

What he enjoys most is sharing this knowledge with other small business owners who often have questions centered around accounting.

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You either love it or you hate it, and we at Accounting Smarts love accounting.

Having a natural curiosity about numbers and the stories they tell, made it easy for us to choose accounting as a career in the accounting world. 

Our experience includes 30+ years at all levels of accounting, including government, private and public accounting. We’ve been staff accounts, controllers, CPA’s and yes small business owners.

With a journey like that, you learn a thing or two about accounting. 

One thing we learned is that people (accountant or not) have accounting questions. Not every day, but when you need the answer, you need the answer.

So, we set out to create a site that answers those questions. And Accounting Smarts is the result.

Now this site is not just for accounting people. Small business runs the world, and most owners of small business are not accountants.

They are entrepreneurs, inventors and sales minded people, and the last thing they think about is accounting.

No fear, we kept that in mind and answer questions in such a way that whether you are an accountant or a non-accountant you will find value. 

We hope Accounting Smarts becomes a place you frequent often for accounting knowledge, resources, tips and references to other smart people.

We hope to make accountants out of all of you, or not. At least we can educate you in the way of the accountant and make debits and credits mean something.

We confess we are imperfect, so don’t hesitate to correct when correction is needed.

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