My Honest Review of Sunrise by Lendio For Accounting

My Honest Review of Sunrise by Lendio For Accounting | Accounting Smarts
Charles Hall

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June 10, 2022

Sunrise is a business accounting software launched by Lendio to serve the market with a reliable financial software solution for bookkeeping and much more.

Sunrise is a business accounting software launched by Lendio to serve the market with a reliable financial software solution for bookkeeping and much more.

Lendio acquired Sunrise in 2011 and relaunched it as a low-cost bookkeeping and accounting solution. They provide plenty of amazing features like advanced reporting, double-entry accounting, and tax assistance. If you need a basic bookkeeping tool, Sunrise easily ranks as one of the best.

One of the best things about Sunrise is the ability to integrate it with other tools like Gusto. This allows you to sync your payroll and accounting software together to handle payroll tracking and calculations. This helps small businesses scale operations while still solely relying on the low monthly cost of Sunrise.

Whether it is a bookkeeper or tax assistance, Sunrise has an answer for you. We have worked with the Sunrise platform to better understand how reliable it truly is for freelancers and businesses. They excel at making taxes easier and if this is something you struggle with, we highly recommend switching over to the Sunrise platform.   

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What Is Sunrise by Lendio?

Sunrise is an accounting software that can be used to manage all the transactions of a business. It provides different tools for managing finances and automates many of the daily tasks involved in running a small business.

The goal of the company was to make it easy for people with little or no accounting experience to use their product and achieve success.

This software is also cloud-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere at any time through a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. All data is stored securely and safe from hackers or other security breaches that could compromise customer data.

Sunrise by Lendio offers features to help entrepreneurs manage their business finances. This includes features like automatic backups, client reconciliations, expense tracking, and payroll management.

While it includes some advanced features like asset tracking, bill payment schedule, and more customization options for advanced users - it still remains an affordable option for most users.

Sunrise combines the traditional approach of accounting software with the newest technology available. This is seen in their online presence, which is sleek and modern while still providing all the necessary tools for managing your finances.

Sunrise by Lendio Features

There are many features offered by Sunrise accounting software review. It is highly intuitive with advanced features for such a low cost. They provide plenty of options to new users and customers too.

Sunrise offers all of the features that most top-tier accounting software packages have, but at a much lower price. These include account reconciliation, bank account integration, invoice management tools, and double-entry accounting.

Bank Integrations

Sunrise works directly with Finicity to allow customers to sync and integrate bank accounts right into the Sunrise platform to track transactions, pay bills, and collect incoming payments too.

Your accounts will be monitored from the bank accounts tab within the dashboard where they will display your current balances with the ability to update daily. Sunrise also works with Plaid to support over 2,000 banks worldwide.

The purpose of this integration is to make it faster and easier to do weekly or monthly bank reconciliations to ensure you are properly managing your money and tracking all transactions.  

Sunrise Pay

Sunrise Pay is a payment feature that allows users to automatically collect or send payments between customers without having to manually enter each transaction. Instead, you can send or click incoming invoices and make payments fast.

The reason why this feature was introduced is to provide a payment method that is more suitable for small businesses with cash flow problems. In order to really see the benefits of this payment option, some companies need to make changes in their workflows by not waiting until the due date and sending invoices as soon as possible.

Recurring Invoices

The Sunrise recurring invoices feature is a new feature in accounting software that provides users with an early warning about their due dates for the month. Never send or collect a late payment again when you automatically send invoices based on the preset rules you put into place.

As a feature in most accounting software, recurring invoices are supposed to be used for recurring bill payments. They are also helpful when your client needs to be billed on a monthly basis.

This feature is a great way for accountants to manage their work and accommodate clients with different billing cycles. Some features within the software are able to pull in data from other accounting software so that everything can be pulled together in one place.

Intuitive Dashboard

Sunrise has an intuitive dashboard that lets you view all your invoices, bills, and metrics in one place. The software automatically arranges them by the date they are due, their status, and which vendor they are related to. It is also highly customizable based on what you want.

This is a powerful tool that can help executives and accountants quickly generate reports, screen for top-performing strategies, and understand how their business is performing. It is also made to be easy to use and navigate so any beginner can learn fast.

Automated Expense Tracking

Sunrise also has an automated expense tracking feature in accounting software that starts when the user opens up their software.

This feature helps users keep track of all their expenses, helping them avoid getting lost in the process of tracking all their expenses manually. It also lets users know how much spending they have done in order to manage their budget more effectively.

You can set up automated rules that will categorize each expense based on a specific rule. This eliminates your need to go through your account daily or weekly and categorize each expense on your own.

Discounts & Refunds

If you have ever had an issue with adding discounts or giving refunds through invoices, Sunrise has added a new feature that makes both simple for any business to add to their processes for smoother transactions.

This Sunrise feature allows businesses to implement automated refunds and discounts for items that are returned or canceled right onto an invoice. It is advantageous because it streamlines the process so that the item can be refunded without any complications.  

Advanced Reporting

Sunrise’s advanced reporting feature in accounting software is a powerful and accurate tool that can help you to get the most out of your accounts without having to worry about missing anything.

The advanced reporting feature allows you to create financial reports with a few clicks. It helps with the creation of personalized reports that include graphs and charts, as well as shapes.

You will have full access to create complicated financial reports quickly and easily. It creates graphs, charts, and shapes for the automatic generation of data that can be displayed in different ways.

Why Is Sunrise by Lendio Good For Accounting?

Sunrise is a popular cloud-based accounting solution. It has many features that make it a great choice for small businesses and freelancers. It also offers the ability to sync with your bank account to make sure you get all of your financial information in one place.

Some of the features offered by Sunrise include an easy invoicing tool, an automated bank reconciliation function, and automated tax table updates. These are just some of the many features offered by Sunrise to ensure that your business is running smoothly.

The Sunrise platform also uses a highly intuitive interface that is easy to navigate so even beginners can learn to navigate through the platform quickly after only a few uses. This platform is the best way to simplify your bookkeeping processes and focus on more important business tasks.

The dashboard will display all critical information you need to be aware of including outstanding invoices, income, and any other metric you want to keep an eye on. The company offers a variety of plans for businesses of any size and type.

This software can be used to manage your finances, payroll, and inventory as well as streamline your business processes. It also has many useful features such as being able to customize reports and dashboards for specific needs, being able to do both real-time and historical reporting, and even generating financial statements.

Sunrise by Lendio Plans and Pricing

Sunrise offers two different plans, including a free plan, to get access to the accounting and bookkeeping software tool. Both plans are low-cost options and easy to use for smaller businesses looking for something reliable.

Beyond just the software, Sunrise also offers personal bookkeeping services with monthly plans that will help you automate the bookkeeping aspect of your business. They provide three different monthly plans to consider for this service.

Free Self-Service

This free plan is really designed for freelancers or extremely small businesses that only need limited access to the tool. It provides plenty to offer for the free pricing and you can even use it strictly as an invoicing tool if needed.

Features included:

  • Income & expense management
  • Basic invoicing tool
  • P&L statement reporting
  • Basic quote and estimate tool

Sunrise Plus

The Sunrise Plus plan is only $14.99 per month and provides just about everything you need from a business when looking for an accounting and bookkeeping tool. There is even Sunrise Pay support included to send our payments or collect incoming payments.

  • Customized quotes, invoices, and estimates
  • Cash Flow insights, alerts, and advanced reporting
  • Automated expense tracking categorization
  • Multiple users
  • Multiple businesses
  • Payment integrations like Stripe or PayPal


This plan and the following two plans are strictly personal bookkeeper plans, however, this is an extremely useful service especially for business solopreneurs or freelancers.

  • $149/mo
  • 120 transactions per month
  • Expert bookkeepers
  • Monthly reports
  • Tax session consultation


The growing plan contains all of the same features as the early plan but instead, you get access to more tax professionals and more transactions are included with the plan. This works best for small businesses with a larger pool of transactions.

  • $299/mo
  • 200 transactions per month


The corporate plan is the most advanced and largest bookkeeping plan for bigger businesses that make a lot of monthly transactions. The details include more transaction categorizations, higher pricing, but more advanced tax and accounting experts at your fingertips.

  • $499/mo
  • 500 transactions per month

Sunrise by Lendio Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly dashboard and interface
  • Low cost with a free plan for anybody
  • Excellent billing features
  • Reliable customizations on invoices, estimates, and quotes
  • Integrations available like Gusto
  • Automated invoicing


  • No internal payroll tool
  • No Zapier integration

Sunrise by Lendio Alternatives


FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software for small businesses. It provides a full suite of financial management and business reporting tools. Similar to Sunrise, it has everything you need to run your business and scale operations with accurate financial processes in place.

FreshBooks is an accounting software that is designed for small businesses who want to save time and money on the tedious tasks of processing invoices, managing expenses, and generating reports.

The billing system enables users to send professional-looking invoices with their logo or branding information. Users can also record time spent on different tasks and generate reports to track their activity.

FreshBooks makes it easy to manage your invoices and payments. From entering time to sending invoices to collecting payments, you can do everything from the FreshBooks dashboard. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use service that helps streamline bookkeeping, invoicing, and payments.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software that can be used for small businesses. It is used by businesses around the world of all different sizes to handle a variety of accounting needs.

QuickBooks Online gives you the ability to make tax time easier. They have integrated this new release into their core system so that you can use it seamlessly with your regular QuickBooks program or through your desktop computer.

This integration also allows you to access all of your data from any device available to you - whether it's a tablet or your smartphone! And they have also added new features to help with budgeting, invoicing, and tracking time spent on projects.

QuickBooks is also extremely affordable and cloud-based with plans starting as low as only $7 or $9 per month for a single user account. They have everything you need from invoices, payments, accounting, and time tracking features to use.