My Honest Review of Holded For Accounting

My Honest Review of Holded For Accounting | Accounting Smarts
Charles Hall

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Charles Hall


June 10, 2022

Improving your financials in business can be done effectively by upgrading to more advanced and reliable accounting software like the Holded platform.

Improving your financials in business can be done effectively by upgrading to more advanced and reliable accounting software like the Holded platform.

Holded is a unique platform to handle your accounting because it offers such a broad range of business management features. Signing up with Holded gives you a CRM, HR tool, accounting tool, and much more. We consider it one of the best all-around accounting options.

When finding ways to improve business operations, it is best to always start with your finances and see if you can spot any trends that could be fixed. One of the most common ones is poor management, and this typically is because of bad software. By upgrading to Holded, you get advanced software at a low cost to help make these improvements.

The Holded academy and resources are an incredible place to start if you are trying to learn this software. We have helped businesses upgrade to new platforms and spent countless hours testing and researching some of the best in the industry. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Holded.  

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What Is Holded?

Holded is a business management software that offers many features to help small businesses. These features include payroll to help with tax returns, payment processing, inventory tracking, and more. Since these are all mobile-friendly, companies that need to stay connected on the go will find the app useful.

This platform has many user-friendly features to make it easier for anyone looking to get started with their business operations quickly. The software also offers financial management tools like budgeting and forecasting. These tools can help users make better financial decisions in the long run.

Holded has a full suite of accounting tools with automations to put your financials on autopilot. Beyond just accounting, you also can get access to a human resources tool, project management tool, inventory tool, CRM, invoicing, and full ERP suite. This is one of the most advanced and balanced software solutions.

There are also many different integrations that can bring this platform to the next level. Some examples include PayPal, Amazon, Shopify, Zapier, and Google Drive. By integrating these critical business tools with Holded, you can put everything together and run a more efficient business.

All of this can be had for a low monthly subscription cost that allows you as a freelancer or a small business to start low and scale as things start to pick up without breaking the bank.  

Holded Features

Holded Accounting Software is a cloud-based accounting software that helps small businesses manage their finances in a more effective way. It offers an advanced set of features that makes it extremely competitive in the industry.


Holded operates as an ERP where you can manage your entire sales process, full financial operations, and human resources all in a single platform. This is especially important to smaller businesses that do not have the upfront capital to run their business using high monthly costs across different software platforms.

With Holded, you can combine everything along with integrations to make it all work together seamlessly. It will bring your business to the next level.

The ERP tool can help organizations with different functions collaborate to work on a single system. The software allows the company to have a more accurate view of how they are performing, where team members can see a complete picture of what is going on.


This invoicing tool is a digital solution for creating invoices, managing sales, and monitoring the billing cycle. It connects to a point of sale system and also integrates with accounting systems.

It saves time by eliminating the need to find supplies or create new documents manually. In addition, it helps in creating customized invoices based on customer’s feedback.

In an invoice management system, there are features that include generating invoices from quote data, customizing invoice documents based on customer feedback, and updating the last billing payments for future use.

You can even have this invoicing tool automatically calculate sales tax, important contacts with a single click, and send emails directly from the platform automatically. Reconciling the payments and account transfers is as easy as a few clicks too.


Built into this accounting and ERP platform is a useful CRM that many small businesses can take advantage of. Not only do you save money, but you gain access to some incredible features too. And everything syncs together with your accounting to save time on tedious tasks like updating deals or migrating data.

You can also get in-depth insights on key customers and leads to learn more about the sales processes that are working with them. The dashboard is clean and easy to customize to show the necessary metrics you would like to track.

This CRM gives you visibility at every stage of the sales process and promises to increase the personal touch you have with every customer by adding more revenue to your bottom line. Expect increased conversion ratios and more business success.


Team is the HR aspect of the Holded platform. This tool gives your small business advanced hiring and payroll functions in one simple to use platform. It also saves you time when doing payroll because everything is already synced together with your accounting side of things.

You can also use team to approve time off, get notifications about any members who have a day off, and manage the company calendar. It is also a great place to create, store, and share legal documents like employee contracts.

If you do not have team members, you can still use this feature with the advanced time tracking tool for more accurate billing and time management.  


Holded says that with the accounting feature in their platform, you can automate 95% of your total accounting processes. Can you imagine how much this would help your day-to-day life?

This cloud automated platform allows for precise tracking and transaction details with all information needed in billing, invoicing, and tax-related accounting. It is all searchable too so you can find anything important right away.

More features include bank reconciliations, financial statement updates, integrations with other accounting tools, and full control over company financials.


Another amazing aspect of the Holded platform is the projects tool where you can use it as a fully functional project management software. This tool allows you to collaborate with your team and plan all of the important company-wide tasks in one place.

You can set up Kanban boards, lists, Gantt charts, or simple calendars with everything important such as bills due, timelines, budgets, meetings, sales, and much more. You can even import your data from previous project management tools so you don’t have to start from scratch.  


The inventory management software may not be necessary for all, but it is highly intuitive with plenty of reliable features that make running your product-based business even easier. It only takes a few minutes to set it up and get started.

In this tool, you have full access to managing your products, creating custom classes, generating lots, and analyzing all inventory data in detail. You can closely follow product stock as well and know every time you drop below a critical number.

It integrates with nearly every e-commerce channel to save you the hassle of manually adding products to your inventory or your store.    


Holded provides many different integrations like Amazon, Shopify, Stripe, PayPal, and much more. All of the critical tools you use to run your business can be synced directly with Holded to save you time in the long run.

Why Is Holded Good For Accounting?

Holded is a program that manages all of your business needs, including bookkeeping, invoicing, and payments. This online accounting software solution helps businesses easily create and monitor everything required for accounting, financials, taxes, and day-to-day operations.

This software is designed for small-scale businesses that are not required to have a huge team of accountants, managers, and bookkeepers. It provides a streamlined process for managing business data with a simple interface for users.

It provides a convenient way to manage your finances and grow your business. It also allows for easy collaboration between team members and supports multiple currencies. For freelancers or small business owners, it is an ideal option as it offers reduced pricing plans for those who don't need all of its features.

This system has been used by thousands of businesses around the world, fostering new opportunities for convenience and affordability as well as providing support for small-scale businesses as they grow into larger organizations. One of these features is that it can be easily accessible from any device with internet access, allowing companies to stay connected from anywhere at all times.

Holded is perfect for small businesses starting out because it is low-cost and combines multiple tools in one. This can help you save money and operate on a single platform to streamline your internal processes. It also allows you to scale cheaply because the plan never gets too expensive as you grow.

Holded Plans and Pricing

Holded makes sure to try and accommodate a wide range of customers, including entry-level freelancers just getting started. They offer a limited, free plan with the options scale all the way up to a premium plan with many users for growing organizations.


This free plan is geared specifically for freelancers who need limited access to the software to get started. It allows for one user license and one for an accountant.

Other features include 50 invoices per year, 100 contacts, and full access to every tool like project management, inventory basics, and the client portal.


The Plus plan is essentially an advanced plan for freelancers at a low cost of around $16 per month with plenty of features. This plan also includes 1 user license for you and an accountant to monitor everything.

You also get access to 500 invoices per year, 250 contacts, invoicing, CRM, sales, project management, inventory basics, and the client portal. This is the better choice for any freelancer who sends frequent invoices.


The Basic plan is where the plans for small businesses and established companies begin with much more advanced features and capabilities available. This plan includes 2 user licenses along with 1,000 invoices per year.

You also get full access to the rest of the tools like CRM, project management, inventory, etc.

Pricing starts for this plan at around $39 per month with discounts for yearly plans.


The Standard plan is priced at $81 per month and you get 5 user licenses included along with 3,000 invoices per year. This is for slightly bigger businesses with an established team that need more capacity.

Added features also included in-depth account access with both accounts payable and receivable along with a cool feature to set predefined roles for your team. This allows you to keep some data private and limit access if needed.


The Advanced plan includes 10,000 invoices per year with 10 user licenses. It also includes added features like custom roles for users, custom fields for accounting, and a personalized client portal.

This plan is priced at $136 per month and gives you a big increase in features compared to previous plans.


The most advanced plan is the Premium plan that allows for unlimited invoicing and 25 total user licenses. It includes all previous features along with a personal account manager to help your business with any need that may arise.

The Premium plan is priced at $274 per month.

Holded Alternatives

Holded is extremely unique with the style of features it can offer. Most of the top accounting software solutions do not include things like CRM or project management, making this platform even more valuable. However, we believe QuickBooks is a reliable alternative that is worth considering if you are not sold on Holded.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a comprehensive accounting software that is capable of managing most of your business transactions with little to no human intervention. It also includes important tools like invoicing, time tracking, and much more.

It does not contain any CRM or project management features like Holded, but it does contain a more advanced accounting system with an algorithm to track and categorize your transactions with precision.

QuickBooks Online has been used by accountants for years. Now, due to its ease of use and user-friendly interface, it is being used more often by small business owners. It is a great tool for small business owners. It offers features that can help create financial reports in an easy way, manage expenses better, and create invoices in seconds.