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June 10, 2022

Large businesses require more advanced accounting software to handle everything they need to accomplish. Luckily, there are some reliable solutions to choose from.

Large businesses require more advanced accounting software to handle everything they need to accomplish. Luckily, there are some reliable solutions to choose from.

Accounting software is a vital tool to help a large business run smoothly. In this guide, we mention six of the best accounting software for large companies. The number one accounting software we would recommend is QuickBooks Enterprise because of its vast features at affordable pricing.

Large businesses rely on accounting software that provides enough features to handle extensive accounting needs at affordable pricing. Because large companies have many employees, the best accounting software allows many users to join an organization too. We discuss the best available accounting solutions for these types of businesses in this guide.

This guide contains a thorough analysis of some of the most highly regarded accounting software for large businesses. We have helped many companies find the right software for them, and with that expertise, we understand exactly what a business expects from their accounting software selection. Continue reading to find out more!

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6 Best Accounting Software For Large Businesses

Some businesses have to deal with several hundred to thousands of transactions every day. For large businesses, the accounting software they need should be able to handle this sort of volume and be able to run reliably.

There is an endless list of features that come with the best accounting software for large businesses. Some of these features include extensive reporting capabilities, inventory management, double-entry accounting, and much more.

For large businesses, accounting software is something that has to be taken seriously. It needs to be planned and researched to make sure that your company is getting the most out of its money and resources.

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is leading the way in accounting software and is designed for large businesses with complex needs. This software offers a wide range of features, including tax preparation, payroll services, inventory management, and more that help a company be more efficient.

The Enterprise solution is a downloadable software solution for desktops. You can add users to your plan to allow multiple members of your team access to better operate and run all of your accounting from a single application.

One thing that sets QuickBooks Enterprise apart from the other accounting applications is its user interface. It has an easy-to-use interface which makes it suitable for beginners with little or no knowledge of accounting software.

Many features can help make your business more efficient, like detailed invoicing, multi-currency support, and customizable reports that will help you streamline your business and automate processes.

Large organizations may prefer to use a desktop version like this, but it does limit access to only those with the program downloaded onto their system. There is not a cloud feature readily available to access from anywhere.


  • Essential accounting reports are easy to find and create.
  • Learning the software is simple.
  • Advanced inventory management.
  • Batch enter bills and transactions.
  • Double-entry accounting monitoring.
  • Sales tax rate implementation.
  • Unlimited database for vendors and customers.


  • Not as reliable as an ERP.
  • File size can be a problem.
  • Expensive pricing for large companies.
  • Downloading large datasets takes a while.

Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud is a cloud-based accounting software that provides comprehensive features such as automated tax filing, automated reconciliation, data backup, transaction logging, integrations, and more.

Sage 50cloud has various benefits and features to provide businesses with competitive advantages over their competitors in this ever-changing business landscape. By adopting a cloud-based solution, organizations can enjoy faster time-to-market, higher ROI, lower costs, and more flexibility.

In addition to providing support for all types of industries, Sage 50cloud also offers other features such as CRM integration, payroll solutions, and inventory management. Some of these features have made it one of the most popular accounting systems on the market today.

Sage 50cloud is a product that helps large businesses by providing them with a simplified way to run their accounting. It also has features for financial planning, creating budgets, handling sales, and more. This software is easy to use and offers many features that help businesses reach their goals.

Not to mention, affordable pricing is available across different plans depending on the capacity of your business. They even offer 40% off for new customers just getting started today.


  • Cloud-based for remote access for your entire team.
  • Accounts payable and receivable.
  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • General ledger accounting.
  • In-depth reporting feature.
  • Detailed inventory tracking.


  • Invoicing features are limited with a lack of customizations.
  • Images take a while to load.
  • Better educational resources to learn the software.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is a cloud-based software company that provides ERP solutions to large businesses. It is a very popular application among businesses as it has various features and benefits that make it simple for companies of different sizes to adapt. NetSuite is easy to use and integrates with mobile devices and other software.

NetSuite ERP provides advanced business accounting, ERP, CRM, and ecommerce software to its users. It is known for its automation features that integrate with other systems and enable organizations to optimize their resources.

NetSuite is one of the most advanced software solutions available and offers some of the widest range of features compared to other accounting software options for large businesses. It can be used as a comprehensive solution for multiple use cases.

This enterprise resource planning software provides companies with a full suite of cloud-based services, including CRM, invoicing, customer service management, project management, and accounting. It also offers integrated billing and payment solutions to make business more efficient.

Netsuite also provides a wide range of integrations available to ensure all of your tools can be managed in a single place. For example, the integrated billing and payment solutions make business more efficient and help your large organization collaborate better.


  • Plenty of integrations from CRM to accounting to ERP.
  • The back-end database runs with precision and accuracy.
  • Full suite of tools and more advanced than essential accounting software.
  • Cloud-based for easy access.
  • Most advanced reporting and tracking tools available.
  • Intuitive dashboard that allows lots of customization.


  • Many top features are sold as add-ons for additional pricing.
  • Role customization is not seamless.
  • Customer support needs improvement.

Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed is a leading accounting and billing software for large businesses. It helps you to manage your business without the hassle of manual work and keep your time and resources focused on growth. It also allows you to centrally manage your company’s finances, grow profitably, and track financial reports more efficiently.

Accounting Seed also has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use for accountants with limited accounting experience and large corporations with complicated financial transactions.

This software offers a variety of features that make it easy for small businesses to manage their finances. Some of the most notable tools include invoicing, inventory tracking, and advanced tools that can track performance against key metrics like product sales or cash flow.

Accounting Seed provides a set of tools for businesses to manage their day-to-day accounting and finances. Businesses can use the tool to create budgets, track expenses, manage their cash flow, forecast sales, and more.

This software helps automate the process of compiling data so that it can be used as a starting point for making informed decisions about their business and future investments. As a large business, you can have your entire team working inside Accounting Seed and more effectively managing company financials.

One of the best parts about Accounting Seed is the available integrations it can offer. This allows you to sync your CRM like Salesforce directly with the platform to manage better deal flows, invoicing, and billing.


  • General ledger extraction is detailed and straightforward.
  • Lots of integrations are available to expand software capabilities.
  • Advanced budgeting tool.
  • Custom reports can be generated quickly.  


  • It can get pricey as you scale up.
  • Not ideal for nonprofits.
  • Better templates and customizations.

AccountEdge Pro

AccountEdge Pro is a business accounting software that allows its users to do more. It's packed with features like real-time access to your company’s cash flow, budgeting and forecasting tools, and internal controls.

AccountEdge Pro has a lot of features that are useful for large businesses. It was designed with the needs of these businesses in mind, and it is a safe option for those who want to go digital.

AccountEdge Pro is a comprehensive accounting software that caters to large business needs and offers other benefits as well, like project tracking, compliance monitoring, invoicing, and much more.

Some recent upgrades like better usability enhancements, sales tax additions, company file management, payroll checks, and improved customer support only allow AccountEdge Pro to improve as an accounting software solution for large businesses.

AccountEdge Pro is the upgraded accounting solution many businesses need to take better care of the way they manage finances internally. It makes it very easy to collaborate as a team and manage all necessary documents and information in one place.  


  • Easy to learn for beginners.
  • Lots of customization available.
  • Works well with Mac OS.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Intuitive payroll system.
  • All-around excellent accounting and reporting features.


  • Sometimes new features can cause the software to run slowly.
  • The inventory module needs to be improved.
  • It is challenging to make minor corrections or adjustments to transactions.
  • The search function is limited.  


Tipalti is a cloud-based accounting software that features innovative employee management software too. It allows the employees to work from home without being physically present in the business office.

Tipalti’s features and capabilities allow for better management of a company’s human resources, ensuring that employees are always available for the company and maximizing their output.

This innovative software is best suited for companies with many employees working at home or remote offices. It also works well as an effective tool in the case of corporate mergers or acquisitions, as it can help cut down on overhead costs.

Tipalti accounting software is a tool that is used by many large businesses. It includes features for small businesses as well. The features of this software include data analytics, financial trends, collaboration tools, and a quick-start guide to help you get started using the software.

Tipalti also puts a massive focus on automation. They understand how many errors can occur during traditional accounting, so this software has many features to automate most of the tasks.

This is one of the more advanced software solutions available, with many more features to offer beyond just accounting. It can be the central point for many of the internal organizational needs making it the perfect choice for large businesses.


  • Advanced reporting is straightforward to use.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Invoice and bill scanning is intuitive.
  • Vendor payments can be made directly inside the software.
  • Creates a more secure payment procedure.
  • Stores customer, employee, and vendor data for future usage.


  • Software updates can cause temporary slowdowns.
  • Tax forms can be confusing.
  • Difficult to filter open/closed bills.
  • Only one contact per payee.

Why Large Businesses Need Accounting Software

Every business is unique in its own way. But when it comes to larger businesses, there is one thing that they all have in common. And that is their need for reliable business accounting software to ensure they properly handle internal financial procedures.

The best accounting programs typically have features like customizable reports - so that you can always get the most comprehensive information about how your company is doing. They also provide an easy way to conduct audits, which helps businesses stay on top of their finances and detect potential fraud or theft.

Large businesses understand that they need software like this for their operations. This will help them keep track of various financial transactions as well as manage their budgets more efficiently.

Accounting software provides a way for large businesses to manage all of their expenses and income in one place. This makes billing easier with easy to create invoices to send to customers. You can even use the software to automatically log your transactions to ensure you don’t miss anything when filing taxes.

Many business owners believe that accounting software is unnecessary for their businesses because they are too small and don’t need it. But things are much different for large companies because they have more employees and a lot more financials to worry about.

Which Software Is Best For You?

QuickBooks Enterprise is a top-rated program that is easy to use and gives users quick access to their financial data. It also provides a clean interface for users that are looking for something easy to navigate. With so many different offerings, they can cover a large portion of the market too.

Sage 50cloud is a cloud-based software that has been designed explicitly with accountants in mind. It has almost 100 features and provides an intuitive interface for users who are just starting out or have extensive experience.

We consider these to be the two best accounting software options for large businesses. If we were to decide on one, we would lean towards QuickBooks Enterprise because of the assisted payroll feature and massive library of available integrations.

QuickBooks Enterprise gives you every tool you need to maximize your productivity and give your accounting team everything they need to ensure your business is running at the highest level possible.